-Bobble Heads-

Welcome to The Design Corner! :) So I've Had 6 dreams since I was a little kid:
1)Be a Children's Book Author/Illustrator
2) 'Pimp Up Your Ride'- make junky cars more beautiful
3)America's Extreme Home Makeover Team-designing homes to be more cozy and fun!
4) Work on a Pixar film ( I'd LOVE to do the voice of a Cartoon Character ;) ) haha
5) Floral Design--Makes me laugh when people say flowers aren't a practical gift--they are practical happiness;)
6) Be a Beautician-Just love all that girly stuff!
I love how fun it is to Create and make things a little better than they were before. This is a scrapbook of the projects and experiences we share in creative endeavors!  

Just learned to do acrylics--Alicia's nails for Bridals.

Sunflowers!!! : First attempt at Floral Design
Kids Puppet Corner-- Just took material and strung it up on both sides--easy to pull back

We turned our apartment into a gingerbread house! 

I made the Candy pieces by rolling newspaper into certain shapes and then adding paper mache on top.

Hahaha Cody blends right in! We didn't really have a budget for this so all our friends gathered up plastic bags to stuff the pillows with!!! Hahaha;)

My First Attempt at 'Pimp My Ride' : This was the day Tobee finally gave out and died
"The Adventures of Maxwell the Pinky Toe": A Children's book I am working on ;)

Christmas Cards For Roomies: First Attempt at Computer  Art

We designed and made these 50's outfits for a Senior Citizens Dance! Those old men are Charmers that's for sure!

These are the Shirts I designed for our intermurral soccer team. "Turf it up!!!" And Thanks to Jordan for helping me all night to paint them!!! Couldn't have done it without him!

National Popcorn day! One of the happiest days in the world! Everyone gets free popcorn balls!!!

I think this was one of my favorite costumes we designed! Way to go Bryn!!! What a trooper! She almost burned alive!

The "Grinch" group at 'Stonehenge Retirement Center' : We designed and made all the costumes and performed 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' for the Elderly.

A little Elf Caroling + Candy Canes!!!

Thanksgiving: Signing of the Thankful List and Eating tons of CANDY CORN with Indians!

Sophi's Birthday! : Matt and I dressed up as Aladin and Jasmine  to surprise Sophi ;)

Matty How'd You Do That Magic Trick?!

Musical Magic Carpets!

"A whole new world"

OOOh Makeups!

Some Super Hero Costume Designs in Progress---for Children's Service Website.